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10 Best Small Business Ideas For the Home

More and more people making the decision to work from home. There are literally thousands of possible ideas available, many with very affordable startup costs.

Direct Sales

There are hundreds direct sales company options to choose from. Whether you love jewelry, home d├ęcor, cooking, crafts, pets or clothing, there is a direct sales company for you. Typically, all that is required to begin is the purchase of a “Starter Kit” of products and paperwork and acquaintances who are interested in hosting parties.

Personal Shopper

If you love to shop, this job is for you. Many people don’t have the time or desire to shop and will gladly pay someone to do it for them. Offer to shop for everything from groceries to gift items, on a weekly or biweekly basis.

Lawn Care

Lawn care services might include mowing, sidewalk and driveway edging, raking leaves, pulling weeds and lawn irrigation. You can start out small with just a push mower and a few other inexpensive yard tools.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting services can typically be provided in your own home or the home of a client. You can specialize in taking care of just dogs and cats or offer to care for birds and exotic animals as well. Some pet owners may require that you be bonded.

Personal Chef

If you love to cook you can provide generalized cooking and baking services or target a favorite niche, such a vegetarian, Chinese or low-carb menus. Typically, cooking in someone else’s home does not require licensing.

Web Design

If you love to create web pages, this is a home business that requires very little in startup funds. In addition to creating web sites, you can also provide clients with banners, logos and graphics.

Senior Care Services

With the increasing number of seniors who want to stay in their homes, a senior care service is typically a lucrative home business. Not only that, helping these folks with the tasks of daily living can be personally rewarding, as well.

Affiliate Marketing

If you love sales and the Internet, affiliate marketing might be just what you’re looking for. There are millions of products to choose from and several ways to market them. Companies pay you a percentage of each item you sell.


Turn your knowledge into income. Individuals seek tutoring services for everything from music lessons to crafts to cooking to general educational topics. You can choose to offer services at your home or the home of a client.

Cleaning service

There will always be the need for cleaning services. You can offer to clean homes, commercial buildings, attics or garages. Typically all that is required to get started is a wide variety of cleaning products and the physical ability to perform the job.

SaleHoo – Your Convenient Way of Doing Business Online

A lot of people are looking into another source of income aside from their jobs. This is because many are feeling the effects of the economic crisis. And to find more ways to earn money is the hope of many to make ends meet each day. And since traditional sales business is so complicated to get started, people have found ways to do business online. Now there are lots of online stores that sell anything you will need.

With an online business, one can have the freedom to sell anything they wish without spending capital money. This is because of the many dropshipping companies out there like SaleHoo. This is the largest online directory wholesale listing of possible product suppliers for your online store. It may carry all sorts of items like clothing, accessories, electronics, gadgets and even crafts. SaleHoo has tons of suppliers that can provide the products you want for the online store that you are putting up.

SaleHoo has made doing business more convenient and easier. This is because all processes that your business needs to go through are done through the internet. An online seller just needs to get in touch with a supplier for the items. This way, the seller can post the photos of the items in his or her online store. Once an order is confirmed, the seller will just have the supplier ship the items directly to the buyer. Doing business is as easy as that with SaleHoo.

With SaleHoo, you do not need to worry of running out of stocks since it carries lots of possible suppliers for your online store. You can also have tons of time for yourself since almost all transactions will be made using the computer. Now, you can do your work while your online business is running.

The Full Time RV Lifestyle – An Alternative Lifestyle That is Increasing in Popularity

In North America there are an estimated one million full time RV’ers. Many who are not acquainted with this lifestyle will usually have a vision of an old decrepit trailer in a mosquito infested RV park near a swamp. But the truth is far from this picture. The Full Time RV Lifestyle is becoming the lifestyle of choice for many retirees and mobile workers. RV’s have also come a long way from the trailers seen in low budget movies. Now a days it is common to see beautiful coach type motor homes and large fifth wheel type trailers on our highways and parked at various tourist attractions. These are the modern day RV’s.

A look around the inside of one of these modern RV’s gives the sense of home. All the conveniences are built in. Many of the new units even come with washer dryer combination’s and even dishwashers. Except for the size these units are comparable to almost any other type of home. The major difference is the fact that the view out of the windows can be changed at will. Your home can be in the mountains one day, and on the seashore the next. You can be parked beside that beautiful fly fishing lake in Canada, or on the beach in a small Mexican town. I have done both.

A luxurious RV can usually be purchased for much less than the price of a home. Once the RV is purchased, long term Spots in high class RV parks can usually be found for less than $500 per month. This price usually includes things such as power, internet, water, sewer, and park amenities such as swimming pools, meeting rooms, saunas, jacuzzi s and laundry rooms.

It does not take very long for a person to realize that the RV lifestyle affords very luxurious living at a very economical price. In many cases much less than most peoples current lifestyle. A case in point is a co worker who pays more just for the property taxes on his home and small property, than I pay for my long term RV pad. I have access to a swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, and also included are free internet, water, sewer and mail service while he has to pay extra for each one of these.

If my coworker gets tired of where he is living he has to attempt to sell his home, then buy a new one and make a move. All at great expense. I on the other hand just have to start the engine and search for a new view that I can enjoy for a period of time.

For a retired person who has always wanted to travel, the RV lifestyle is ideal. A person can have their own home, wake up in their own bed, cook their own meals, and yet for a very reasonable amount of money can travel almost anywhere they want to in North America, and stay as long as they want.

With the advent of internet connections through cell phone and through satellite both for a very reasonable amount of money, a person can also run a business on the road. A customer is not going to know if you are working out of an office with a view, an office in your basement, or out of your RV which is parked on that Mexican beach. My wife runs a virtual assistant business out of our RV, and rarely sees her clients. The beauty of this approach is the fact that many of the expenses of the RV lifestyle can be written off, since visiting clients around North America in your RV would be a legitimate expense.

The RV will also enable a person to visit relatives and friends around North America, but not have to rely on these same relatives and friends for accommodation. A welcome will not be worn out near as quickly if you have your own home parked in the driveway, or at a nearby RV Park. For short term stays, all that is needed is usually a place to plug in for enough power to run the fridge and keep the batteries charged, and possibly a tap for water. But an RV can do without these and be totally self sufficient.

As full time RV trend increases, the real estate sales person will be replaced by the RV sales person, and as with any trend, when demand increased we will see more and more beautiful RV parks, and services for RV’ers.

My wife and I have lived the Full Time RV Lifestyle for over 10 years, we could not see ourselves back in a stick and stones type home. Many of the fantastic Full Time RV’ers that we have met seem to share the same sentiment. It is a lifestyle that is waiting to be discovered my many other people.

Flying Friendlier Skies When You Choose To Reserve A Private Jet For Your Travel Plans

Staying in top shape is a constant challenge, especially when you must attend to a demanding schedule in an arena where the stakes are high and competition is extreme, so it’s imperative that you study the way you perform tasks and seek out ways that you can change your routine in order to streamline and improve your showing each day that you’re on the job.

You need to be set to perform at top form no matter where or when you touch down on terra firma, so it’s of top concern to use all resources available to you to help ensure that each meeting with an associate, prospect or client is as productive and successful as possible. When the burden of taking multiple flights on standard air carriers begins to take its toll on business people who must travel to multiple points to meet with customers or colleagues, some decide to forgo the long lines at baggage and security checks, the hours spent waiting for delayed flights and the cramped conditions that are a part of travel these days.

Try to imagine what it would be like to end the hassles and headaches of waiting for boarding, standing in security check lines and enduring uncomfortable conditions throughout your travel experience, and instead directing that wasted effort into something productive that will help you perform your job better. You may want to think about business jet charter flights instead of getting a ticket via your usual travel arrangements on large passenger carriers that cannot supply the same convenience, comfort and freedom from the downtime that is inevitable whenever you book a seat with a standard airline.

If you remember the days when airline travel used to be fun and something that you used to look forward to, you’ll enjoy traveling away from the usual over-stuffed airliners that have become all the more uncomfortable since security concerns trumped convenience and hospitality aboard standard flights. If you’re concerned about the time wasted at airports, the energy you use making your way onto crowded flights that are far from comfortable and avoiding limited schedule flying opportunities, you might do well to consider private jet charter as the absolute top solution to problems of comfort, security and your ability to be as productive as humanly possible even when you’re in the air.

And it’s not just business people who are using private jets as transportation – travelers who wish to visit exotic locations that require changing planes en route find the concept of chartering a direct flight to their destination an attractive and wonderfully luxurious way to get the most out of travel, which is a concept that you might well consider for your own vacation plans.